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     Our Affiliate Scheme

     Impressed with iGamePlanner!  Then why not join our Affiliate scheme and earn commission for
     promoting the best coaching tool available. We pay commission for every person that you
     recommend that becomes an iGamePlanner member.

     Applying to join our Affiliate scheme is very easy to do - simply complete the online application
     form below and press Submit. We will contact you within 7 days to confirm your Login details.
     Benefits of being an Affiliate
     Once you have been setup as an Affiliate you are ready to start earning commission. 
     Our standard terms are 15% for each person that is recommended to iGamePlanner
     by you and that becomes an iGamePlanner member. For example, if a person joins
     as a Silver member then your commission will be £4.50

     Every month we will pay the commission you have accumulated directly into your
     nominated bank account. 

     To view your commission details simply login to the Affiliate section of our website. 
     Here you will find details of
commissions paid and commissions to be paid.

     How to recommend people to iGamePlanner
     To recommend a person to join iGamePlanner you will need to advertise and promote
     iGamePlanner on your website. We provide the necessary links to do this, which are
     available when you login to your Affiliate membership. When a person enters our website
     via yours we will acknowledge this recommendation and when they become a member
     we will credit the commission to you.  It's that easy!
     Becoming an Affiliate
    To be accepted as an Affiliate you will need to complete the application form below. 
     You will also need to have read and accepted our Terms & Conditions, which are available here.
     Finally, you will need to be an active Gold Level member yourself.