DA06 - Alternating 1 vs 1

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da06 - alternating 1 vs 1


Four players line up behind each endline of a 30 x 20 metre field. The first two play 1 vs. 1 on two goals with goalkeepers.

Playing time: 30 Seconds, then the second pair plays, etc. For the first round, each player in Group A has a ball; then  for the second round, each player in Group B has one. After each pair has played six times, which group has scored more goals?

Level 1: Players who are waiting for their turns act as \"passers\" who stand around the outside of the field and help the attacker.
As above, but the passers are limited to two touches in a row (one to receive, one to pass).
Passers only help attackers from their own team.
Level 2: Like Level 1, but a direct shot after a pass from a passer counts double.
Two pairs play 1 vs. 1 simultaneously.
The coach has all the balls and starts each round by passing on the ground from outside the field, so that each attacker has to start by receiving a pass.

DA04 - 1 v 1 With Passers

Another practice drill from Dean Alcock

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da04 - 1 v 1 with passers

Plan Description;

Setup: Players form two teams of three. One player plays 1 vs. 1 in a 15 x 15 metre field against a player from the other team. The remaining players stand outside the field, one on each side. Sequence: The attacker in the field plays combinations with team-mates and tries to keep the ball away from the defender for 30 seconds (or one minute). Field players and passers switch roles after each round. Variations: Attackers can play combination with all four passers in turn. Passers are limited to two touches in a row. Passers are limited to one touch. If an attacker passes to a passer from his own team twice, he switches positions with that player. Field players try to complete three combinations with their team-mates.

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DA 1 vs 1 to create space

New practice from Dean Alcock

Players play 1 vs. 1 to create space to receive the ball and pass on to another players on his team. 

All players have 30 seconds to go from 1 end to the other.  Each time players can do this they receive 1 point.  Once the first set of attackers got through swap with defenders.

Players can not return the ball to the same player.
Players get a maximum of 2 touches
Players get a minimum of 3 touches.

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