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iGamePlanner is based on our highly acclaimed GamePlanner sports animation software which is used by thousands of coaches all around the world. However, with our new iGamePlanner system the applications (apps) can be tailored to more closely fit your individual needs.

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iGamePlanner uses the very latest in web technology to provide you with a comprehensive and easy-to-use coaching platform. Whether you are using a PC or a MAC iGamePlanner provides the coaching tools you need.

As iGamePlanner runs from our website, there are no CDs required and no more valuable coaching time wasted trying to install and configure software, or download the latest patch. This also means you can access your version of iGamePlanner from any computer in the world.

iGamePlanner is the perfect way to share coaching information so if you are involved in coaching sport in any capacity you need iGamePlanner to help you get your message across easily, accurately and successfully!

To help you manage costs as well as your coaching we have bundled up the apps in iGamePlanner so you can join at a level to suit you. The levels are from Bronze which is free and enables you to see the animated plans created by someone else to Gold which will enable you to create;

  • Professional quality animated drills and moves
  • Professional quality print outs
  • Training sessions that can be amended and reviewed
  • Club team and player information
  • Fixtures, match analysis and team statistics
  • Documents section to store all new and existing coaching material

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