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The Coach and Physical Education (BA Hons) degree at UCP, Marjon supports our students to become innovative and creative coaches. As such we have chosen iGamePlanner as an important coaching tool to assist this development of future coaches. Not only will the online animation package enable our students to plan and store their ideas and session plans, iGamePlanner will also be used to help coaches clearly communicate their sessions to their participants and develop performance.
Gareth Long Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader, Coach and Physical Education UCP, Marjon

iGamePlanner feels even easier to use than previous, you guys are doing a great job!
Andy Reading Futsal Goalkeeping Coach at ZVV Volandam Futsal Club

'Rugby GamePlanner V3 provides greater functionality & control for the coach and more accurate feedback for the players. Suitable for both individual and collective use this software should be part of every school and club resource.
Steve Aboud IRFU National Coaching Development Manager

Players and the ball can be made to move realistically at game pace, change direction and speed, pick up balls delivered to space and delay passes. Unlike a magnetic board, all the players can move at the same time making clear every players role. Every player is in frame all the time so players will retain interest in coaching sessions
Brett Garrard, GB Captain Athens 2004

I think you’ve got a great product that will really help coaches with their planning and organization of training sessions and moves.
Wayne Smith, backs coach to the New Zealand Rugby Union national team.

Hockey GamePlanner V1 is by far the most advanced coaching tool that I have used over the last 10 years. It offers the facility to archive programme footage and also allows the athletes easy accessibility of the play book. Being able to create innovative concepts of moves and plays is a real asset and can only enhance the players understanding of team tactics.
David Stott, Under 21 Scotland Coach East Area Institute Head Coach

iGamePlanner provides Coaches with an effective tool for Player tracking over a long period of time across any labels/values a coach chooses – therefore not only can player match performance be evaluated & recorded but also training and offfield workshops too. This longterm perspective is valuable and consistent, especially in managing Age grade rugby throughout Schools and Clubs. But the real bonus of iGamePlanner is its capacity to share & manage information easily with players and other coaches, therefore allowing the centralised exchange of player information & technical materials among coaches together with monitoring training session content, player attendance, performance & progress.
Stephen Aboud, Head of Technical Direction, Irish Rugby Football Union

I have found GamePlanner incredibly useful as a coaching and teaching aid. Mainly using the software for presentations to large groups it aids demonstration and understanding of a variety of rugby topics and scenarios such as training drills and set moves. Having the visual presentation on view during the lecture and the opportunity to talk through aspects of play step by step or even frame by frame has proved to be helpful to the delegates at each conference. Feedback and praise for the system has been evident from the delegates at all the conferences mainly reinforcing how the software aids understanding and helps put theory into practice. Video footage imported into some of the plans has been used at the latest conferences and also received a great deal positive feedback from the delegates.
Steve Shortland, Director of Sport Wellington College

Soccer GamePlanner V4 has become a huge asset for planning and organization of practices. I can’t imagine going back to pen/paper. I love the simplicity of using the program and the professionalism of the results. I would recommend GamePlanner to novice coaches and those at top levels. Any coach can benefit from using this software. I’ve done a lot of searching and this is the best allinone soccer planning software on the market. The best part is GamePlanner’s ability to paint a picture for the new age soccer player.
Dean Alcock

GamePlanner is an invaluable tool to create and share rugby information and is a must for any coach, whatever their level.
Nigel Redman, RFU Elite Coach Development Manager

If anyone is hesitating over obtaining a copy of GamePlanner don't, just buy it. It's probably the best value for money piece of software I have ever bought! Together with my fellow coaches we have found it to be an invaluable resource not only to keep all of our teams, players and fixture details etc in one place but to assist in the teams development from minis to juniors and hopefully on into the adult game. Similarly the technical support is brilliant. All of my emails whether requesting assistance or asking a simple question have had an unbelievable prompt and professional response.
Nick Cook, U13 Coach, Worthing Rugby Football Club

Sport IQ magazines are FREE online resources for PE teachers and sports coaches. Part of the magazine's content is original and innovative drills/games for educators who want to improve their own sessions. It is therefore vitally important for us that the information we provide is presented in a professional way. After much research we found GamePlanner to be the perfect tool for creating and sharing our content and to present it in a visually clear and concise format. In addition GamePlanner's easy to use animation and emailing features mean all the coaches in our team
can have access to an animated version of the plans produced.
Gareth Long Managing Director Sport IQ

This resource will not only provide coaches with excellent new drills and activities, most importantly it will put the activities into a game and whole movement context.
Evan Crawford, High Performance Manager, Wellington Rugby Football Union

With GamePlanner you are halfway to success because you can prepare and plan so easily.
Bert Bunnik, FIH Mastercoach and licensed KNHB coach

Rugby GamePlanner has enabled me to produce work on ‘rugby movement’ which has greatly enhanced the understanding of the principles we want coaches to grasp. I also use it for producing new coaching ideas.
Lynn Evans, Rugby Development Adviser, RFU

Hockey GamePlanner is a brilliant tool. It has allowed me to share information with my players on tactics and plans that has revolutionised their learning. It is so simple to use and allows so many output options it has become invaluable to coaching kit. On a grander scale it has allowed coaches here to share plans and standardise delivery across programmes. I couldn’t be without it.
Iain Strachan, Scotland Senior Women Asst Coach

Once again I would like to thank you for introducing me to both the Gameplanner. Last year it helped Stockholm Exiles, both Men and Ladies teams win the SM Gold (Championship). This year not only did they win the double again but the Ladies won SM 7aside with the men becoming The Nordic Champions, which takes them to the finals of the European Club Cup. We also have had huge success with the juniors at different age groups with their coaches all using the GamePlanner.
Thanks from all the coaches at Stockholm Exiles, Sweden

Hockey GamePlanner has tremendous potential both as a coaching and planning tool
Mike Williamson, Reading HC English Champions 20067, 20078

Soccer GamePlanner is excellent & so easy to use even for people like myself, best software on the market.
Wane Lowry, Go 4 Goal Soccer School

The GamePlanner system is brilliant to get moves across to players and other coaches. This will be fantastic for keeping track of training sessions and sharing drills and sessions with the other coaches in the club.
Phil Davies, Director of Rugby at Cardiff Blues

We have found GamePlanner to be a fantastic resource for the children at the Pirates' Learning Zone. They are able to learn about and experience practical aspects of the game, as well as enjoying the exciting software.
Susie Phillips The Pirates' Learning Zone 'Playing for Success' Study Support Centre

GamePlanner is the coaching tool for the new millennium.
Dick Best, Director of Rugby at London Irish RFC

Received the copy of Soccer Game Planner, I'm very impressed indeed with the simplicity of using it and the quality that you get out of it is unbelievable!
Tim Wareing, Lisburn Distillery under 18 Manager & Youth Development Officer.

Many thanks. A great product combined with genuine customer service how refreshing in the cynical world we live in! Good luck to you.
David Beck RFU Level 3 coach

GamePlanner™ is an excellent tool and fantastic for bringing to life what you would
Gavin Williams, RFU Youth Development Officer

I think the program is superb my son spent nearly two hours yesterday developing moves for his last game of the season!
Martyn Sherriff, Senior Lecturer, London