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What is iGameplanner

For over 15 years we have been creating top quality sports animation software. During that time we have always worked with coaches to provide the tools that they require to do the job.

One of the greatest challenges of any coach is communicating with players. It is the job of the coach to ensure all players are confident they understand their roles within the team structure. This can be a very difficult exercise for the coach as individuals vary in their learning styles.

That is why many thousands of coaches have turned to GamePlanner animation to help get their message across. GamePlanner saves coaches time and most importantly creates success on the field!

By co-operating with coaches over the years, the GamePlanner range of titles has become the easiest to use, most professional and most powerful sports coaching software available.

With iGamePlanner we have taken this even further by uploading the GamePlanner concept to the web! We have taken the opportunity to vastly improve the animation tools making it even easier to create your animated plans. From these plans you can put together your training sessions using the superb Calendar feature. You will then have all your plans and training session available to use anytime, anywhere.

Sharing ideas made easy
We have also made it so much easier to share any of your coaching information by installing a clever tool to enable you to share all or part of any plan, training session or idea with any of your contacts. You can even work on a plan simultaneously with a colleague thousands of miles away. Just imagine, you can create the start of an attack and your colleague can build the defence to that attack as you go along.

Test Drive
All iGamePlanner apps have the same straightforward approach, so you will know almost instinctively how they operate. To show how confident we are that you will be able to use the iGamePlanner straightaway we have provided a Free, easy to access Test Drive feature so you can try out iGamePlanner without any obligations whatsoever! You can use all the features, such as creating animated plans and moves, training sessions and contacts. Just contact us and we’ll provide you with a link to Test Drive the sport of your choice.

We believe that iGamePlanner will make your coaching life easier, more productive and more rewarding. Why not select a sport from the list above and see what iGamePlanner can do for you. Better still. JOIN iGamePlanner today and begin animating your plans and ideas!

Please Note: iGamePlanner was constructed using MicroSoft Silverlight®. You may need to download Silverlight® before using the Test Drive. Also, iGamePlanner will not currently work on tablet computers such as iPad®.